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Many of us have had more free time than usual lately. But that does not mean that we feel like spending endless hours doing sit-ups in search of a flatter belly or a “ six-pack ”.

Yes, it is true that the abdominals are done in the kitchen – not in the gym (or in the makeshift gym at home). But, if more defined abdominals or a more elegant belly are part of your goals, it is also important to choose the most suitable training.

You don’t need sophisticated equipment or expensive gym membership. The only thing you need is a few square meters of space – as you can see below. Let’s see this very simple circuit for the abs.

Abdominal Circuit

We will explain the objectives for each component of the training.

These exercises are the perfect mini circuit to do as a final part of a workout. It is designed to work the maximum number of muscle fibers as quickly and effectively as possible. Try reducing the rest times between exercises if you want to increase the level of difficulty. Let’s start with 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest between exercises. After the final exercise, rest for 1 minute and then repeat the circuit.

Do you feel “stomach” to take what follows? If the answer is “yes”, we suggest a total of three rounds. Good luck!

1. Crunch

A popular choice for developing a six-pack . They will help you strengthen the core , which includes the lower back and oblique muscles, as well as improving balance and posture.

2. Alternate Knees to Chest

An excellent way to work the rectus abdominis muscle and the obliques in a single simple exercise. Incorporates crunch , a slight crunch inverted and a twisting movement, to provide increased tension in the obliques.

3. Crunch Inverted

The inverted crunch targets all abdominal muscles, with a primary focus on the muscles at the bottom of the core . Supporting muscles include the obliques and the transversus abdominis – the deepest of all abdominal muscles, which helps stabilize the spine and core .

4. V-Sit Modified

You will feel the muscles of the front of the abdominals “burn” with this exercise, which uses the inverted crunch and the upper crunch in one movement, with the hip flexors also acting as a supporting muscle.

5. Touching Ankles

Most of the work will be done by obliques. But you will also work on the rectus abdominis muscle if you can lift your upper back off the floor during this exercise.

6. Legs “Sweep” ( Windshield Wipers )

The “windscreen wiper” exercise activates the stabilizing muscles of the core – the obliques and the rectus abdominis muscle – in addition to mobilizing the glutes, which help to stabilize the hips along of the movement.

Final Message

When it comes to abominations, many people seem to believe that you need a gym and expensive equipment to get a flat stomach or a six-pack . The only thing you need is a few square meters of floor to work on and the right exercises to mobilize that group of muscles.

Stop wasting time on endless amounts of conventional sit-ups in the hope of making progress. This fast circuit is designed to work the maximum number of muscle fibers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And don’t forget that the abs are done in the kitchen. Good nutrition is crucial. You can work at home as much as you want, but if the food is not the most correct, you will not achieve the results you want.

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