5 Fantastic Home Fitness Products

Can’t go to the gym? No problem – we have some ideas for you.

If you want to continue your physical progress at home, you can benefit a lot from some pieces of suitable equipment. Exercising without the right tools is not so much fun. So, if you’re having trouble finding valid alternatives to your usual training, let’s take a look at some of the best pieces of home equipment you can purchase.

You may not be able to do deadlifts for now, but you need to prepare for when you get back to power.

The grip strength is always on the sidewalk and that of the rest of the body and can delay your progress in some of the big lifts, such as the deadlifts , the lifts or the row ( rows ). In fact, it can be one of the first things you notice when you return to the gym – shaky hands. Even though the legs and back can handle the load, sometimes the wrists and fingers cannot. You have one more repetition to make, but your hands look ready to shatter.

There is a simple solution to this problem – a grip strengthener. All you need to do is press. Over time, you will end up holding the bar for elevations without any problem. The grip strength is involved in a lot of exercises: strokes, deadlifts , lifts, pull-downs and even the bench press. The grip strengthener also has an adjustable resistance, from 9kg to 40kg, so you can start with little weight and increase it gradually.

And you can even practice while watching TV, so it is an exercise that, involving little effort, can be very useful. Training programs often neglect grip strength, but this is very important for our progress. If you practice this exercise at home, you will return to the gym more capable.

The importance of recovery is known, and there has never been a better time to start taking care of you in that sense. All this time at home is perfect for giving your muscles the chance to recover – and a recovery ball will help you a lot.

It will dissipate some of the muscle stiffness and reach the knotty muscles, helping to relieve tension. With your muscles well recovered, when you return to the gym you will feel capable of new personal records. You can even return with the feeling of being stronger, more flexible and better than before.

3. Ab Roller Wheel

Being at home, with a limited amount of space, is the perfect opportunity to perfect some abdominal exercises and work out for a six-pack. Abdominal wheels are going to be a challenge – they are an extraordinary way to push your core muscles to the limit. But remember to practice the right way because, as with any exercise, you can suffer an injury if you don’t do it properly.

Since this is an exercise to do at home, you can get the wheel whenever you want, use it for a few minutes and put it back in place. It is a great addition to an abdominal training routine and, as most wheels are quite small, you can take it with you to the gym when you return, without much difficulty.

4. Pull-Ups Bar

The back: the most difficult muscle to work with when training at home. Due to the mechanics of movements necessary to focus the back, it is a little more difficult to find home gym equipment with which to perform strokes or elevations.

So, instead of paddling under the living room table, doing elevations on scaffolding, or other dubious ideas, get yourself a bar to do elevations at home.

The back is an extremely powerful muscle group, and elevations are a powerful way to develop it – and quite versatile. You can focus on the back and the biceps – pulls-ups , chin-ups , wide grip, narrow grip – there are many variations and it’s a multifaceted piece of equipment to keep in mind home. It will give a great balance to your training routine at home and provide your back with an effective workout, for a more complete physical conditioning.

You don’t even need to leave the room – many of them fit in the door frame.

It is perhaps the best piece of equipment you can have at home, so make sure you find one that fits in the space you have available. And when you have the bar, jump on a good progression plan for elevations.

While you are at home, perhaps every day is a day of rest. When we rest, what we want is to feel comfortable, and gym clothes are definitely comfortable. So, while you rest and recover, get yourself some new clothes to laze around.

In fact, we have designed a collection especially for this purpose. Check out our loose and soft garments to keep you warm and comfortable during your hours of rest. They are simple and elegant. And, for couples in isolation, a sweater for him and one for her, so they can be comfortable in partnership.

Final Message

These fitness products at home will have effects on your fingers, forearms, back and abs, and give more balance to your home training routine, helping to fill in the gaps. Without forgetting the essential wardrobe to be at home.

Everything starts to look more exciting when we have the best training equipment available nearby. Look at your circumstances as an opportunity to develop and perfect your training routine on a permanent basis.

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