5 Fitness Goals You Can Set For Isolation

Can’t you break records with the weights for squats or bench presses because of the isolation? We suggest some fitness goals that you can aim to try to reach the next level in your physical condition.

Goals are the driving force that drives progress, so setting a new goal keeps you on track to achieve new levels of strength, aesthetics or flexibility. They will depend on your body type and physical shape, so modify them to suit you – don’t stick to the numbers.

Whatever your goal, make it measurable, specific, and set a deadline to meet it, and get ready to mark the fitness schedule with some “visas”.

1. Achieving Bakasana : the crow’s position

Focusing on yoga goals can improve the health of your joints and reduce stress levels, and the crow’s pose is an interesting challenge. It is a position of balance in the arms, which tests the limits of your stabilizing and balance muscles.

The crow’s pose, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of a crow: you balance on your arms with your torso in the air and your knees drawn up against your elbows.

This is an intermediate pose, which can be done as part of a yoga routine at home, so make sure you practice until you do it. It’s an intense workout for your triceps and core, and it also requires some wrist strength and flexibility.

However, with some practice you will eventually get there. Always remember to have some pillows to protect the inevitable falls – don’t worry, it happens to the best.

2. Run 10 km in less than an hour

This depends on your current physical shape, but running 10 kilometers in an hour is an adequate, solid and attainable goal. Make the most of your daily exercise time with a good run, and try to reach the 10 km mark.

You can establish your route with online maps: 5 km from home and 5 km back. Make your way and record the time until you are back home. Establish a progression plan and, if you don’t usually do cardio, start slowly and with shorter distances, because contracting an injury is, without a doubt, a terrible fitness goal.

3. 25-30 push-up series

Humble flexion is a great equalizer: it also reminds everyone that they are not in the shape they wanted. After a certain point, it is too difficult to lift the body off the ground, regardless of how strong you may be. The greater your weight, the more difficult it becomes.

And sometimes we forget how effective this exercise is at developing the chest muscles.

25 to 30 repetitions in a single set is an appropriate and moderate goal for those who do not usually specialize in push-ups, but if that number is not a problem for you, increase it. That’s the beauty of push-ups: they are adjustable.

4. Complete a muscle-up

The muscle up : possibly the most difficult and showy movement that exists. Everyone would like to achieve this, but few are capable. If you don’t know how to do a muscle up or how to develop the strength to get there, learn some preparation exercises first. It requires strength, timing and time. You will need strength in your back to lift yourself when you are below the bar, and strength in your shoulders and arms after you are above the bar.

And it’s a showy trick for parties, so get to work.

5. Sit-ups

It is one of the aesthetic goals of many people who go to a gym, but how many of us have a six-pack to be proud of?

Like everything else, it is a combination of three factors: training, nutrition and sleep. But the key issue is the level of body fat; if you have too much fat on your body, your abs will not be noticeable.

So why do you focus on your abs now?

Well, if you’re at home longer, there won’t be as much unpredictability about the food you eat. There are no surprise pizzas with friends or evenings. More than ever, you can follow predictable and measurable eating habits. You can measure your food consumption: everything that comes out of the fridge and enters your mouth is visible and can be weighed; therefore, it is an excellent time to lose weight.

And if you’re still at home, it’s easy to do some abdominal exercises during the day – on the couch, in bed, anywhere.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work towards this universal goal. Make it a goal during isolation and get abs for the summer – even if it’s more complicated to show them off on the beach.

Final Message

If it is not time to work on the usual training goals, we must find other ways. Make up new goals, which you may have overlooked in your normal routine. This will force you to make new adaptations and allow for new successes during isolation.

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