5 Advantages of Training at Home – Let’s look at the good parts!

With all gyms closed yet, many people are dedicated to training at home. But perhaps you are not – perhaps you are taking the opportunity to take a break, or think that it will not be worthwhile to exercise without access to equipment.

To reevaluate that idea, take into account that there are some excellent reasons to train at home. The gym is great, of course, but even if you haven’t set up a home gym, exercising in other ways will continue to drive your progress.

There are many benefits and, in difficult times, a positive attitude is essential, so here are five advantages of training at home.

1. Force yourself to change the routine

New stimuli, new progress.

Staying at home changed our whole routine, not just the gym. Changing our training program can lead to progress in areas we’ve never focused on before.

It is possible to make immense progress in fitness without even touching a barbell with weights. This is a golden opportunity to develop your grip strength, cardiovascular training, stretching, flexibility and bodyweight exercises. You can also use this time at home to try out new routines and develop new skills.

Start practicing yoga and your body will bend and shake like never before. You can focus on cardiovascular training or calisthenics, which will greatly benefit your overall fitness. You will work your muscles in unusual ways, and use different muscles and different intensities. This adds interest to the training, and you can evolve long before you enter a gym again. “Push-ups in the pin position? Done. ”

2. You won’t forget the headphones!

Kitchen. Ready. Shower. Ready. The necessary in terms of clothes, water, juices, supplements, coffee, pre-training, post-training. Ready.

Being in your own home means access to everything you need, unlike in a gym. Did you forget material or ran out of water in the bottle? Just go into the kitchen and turn on the tap. You have all the protein bars and shakes you want on hand.

There is a liberating dimension to home training. Perhaps that’s the best part – when you can prepare a sandwich between sets, it transforms your relationship with exercise.

3. Saves time and effort

Change clothes, drive or walk, put our things in a closet, and do the same on the way out. Going to the gym takes time.

This is another of the great strengths of training at home – there is no need to move. We can start exercising right away, and once we’re home, we can use whatever we want. You may not even need to change your clothes (although, if you are going to sweat, it is recommended that you change!).

You also won’t have to wait for machines, banks or weights. You can do your planned routine without questions or problems. And you don’t even have to leave the room, so everything is easier and more convenient.

Even if the issue of time is not pressing for you, it is an advantage to be able to take as long as you want. You can take a 5 minute break between sets without anyone asking you to leave the site.

4. It’s more hygienic

Well, it depends on your home, but of course the gym seats are covered in sweat, and the equipment is handled all day by everyone’s dirty hands. It is normal, and it is not something that you should normally worry about – especially if you wash your hands before and after – but it is good to know that we are in a clean environment when we exercise at home.

You are also right there near the shower. You can do as much personal cleaning as you want and know that you will not spread germs.

5. You have complete control

The music, the training plan, the material you use, the amount of time you take, everything is at your complete discretion. Home training is entirely yours. You can do deadlifts to the sound of heavy metal, without having to use headphones, and sing to the music as you feel like.

It is a great opportunity to try some more elaborate exercises that you may not want to explore in public. If you have a pair of dumbbells, you can do farmer’s walks without disturbing anyone, or curls and jumping jacks without any space problems. Accompany a Zumba video? No problem. You can do any home training routine you choose, for as long as you want and generating as much noise as you want. In fact, why not go out and exercise outdoors?

Having this freedom is a great feeling.

Final Message

Exercising at home can be fantastic. Especially when we try to see it as an opportunity to learn new things and try different routines. We need to look at the positives and keep in mind that, regardless of the rest, you can continue to dedicate time to your fitness. Don’t stop and find the best home training plans for you.

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